The Church of Joroinen

The wooden church of Joroinen is one of the few in Savo from the 18th century. The parish of Joroinen was founded in 1631 consisting the parishes of Rantasalmi and Juva. The first church was built in 1686 and it seated about 450 people.

Probably before that there has been a chapel in Kerisalo village to which there are references in names such as Church Heath and Priest Field.

The present church was built in 1792-1793. The final design has been made in Stockholm but it has not been closely followed in the construction. The structure is an evenly stemmed cross-shaped church which seats about 1000 people. The interior is the official style of the latter part of the 18th century.

The vestry is behind the altar at the end of the cross stem. There are small halls in front of the arms.


The Pulpit

The pulpit is from the previous church from the year 1701 and on its sides there is a picture of an apostle painted in each panel niche. Above the pulpit there is a seven-side shed with a dove hanging under it, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. The hourglass on the edge of the pulpit is made in Stockholm in 1765.


The Vestry

In the vestry you can see the altarpiece from the year 1667, donated by the third vicar Tuomas Laurinpoika Iskanius. In the altarpiece there is Crucified Christ. In the vestry you can also see pictures of earlier parish priests and a Finnish wedding rug. The chandeliers in the vestry are from the old vicarage.


The Altarpiece

The altarpiece is painted by Pekka Halonen, a wellknown artist in Savo, in the year 1901. The theme of the picture is an Easter theme, Jesus wakes up his disciples.


The Chandeliers

The front chandelier, which dates back to the year 1698, is a donation by Nils Grotenfelt from Järvikylä manor house. The other big chandeliers are also donations.


The Floorboards

The floorboards of the church are inherited from the earlier church. In the front of children’s corner you can find a floorboard with a year 1686 pressed in it.


The Chasubles

The old mass chasubles are in the display case in the stem towards the belfry. The oldest chasuble is from the early 18th century, the others from 1751 and 1842.


The Organ

The first organ was acquired in 1895 and had 16 registers. The present organ is acquired in 1955. It is an electro-pneumatic organ with 30 independent and two transfer registers. They are made in Organ factory in Kangasala.


Children’s corner

Children’s corner (in the stem towards the Sheltered Housing) was started at the first Advent in 2014. Children’s corner for the smallest visitors offering ways of passing the time during the services and ceremonies. There are also so called church bags which you can borrow while staying in the pews.


The Tree of Baptism

In the parish of Joroinen the tree of baptism was started up on the 1st of January in 2015. Every new baptized member of the parish gets a name leaf of his or her own in the tree of baptism. The tree is emptied annually. The tree of baptism reminds us of having a place of our own in the congregation of Christ. The dove in the tree of baptism is a message of the Holy Spirit promised to the baptized.

The tree of baptism is designed and made by artist Kaisu Turunen.



Plenty different repairs and restorations have been carried out in the church of Joroinen. At the end of the 19th century alterations were made after the plans of architect Leander Ikonen. In the 1930s the designer was architect Juhani Viiste and alterations were made partly in the spirit of restoration. In 1975 the church was renovated following the plans of architect Antti Eskelinen and Museum Bureau. The the attic was insulated, interior was painted, the vestry was renovated and the PA system was bought. The church was painted in 2008 and the roof renewed in 2010. In 2015 inner painting was repaired.